Flexible Organizations


DFOs are an Ethereum-based Research & Development project. They are On-Chain companies with proprietary assets and voting tokens as programmable equities. Made with ❤️ by Ethereans for Ethereans






Microservices on Ethereum

This is a general purpose protocol to deploy decentralized organisations. By employing their microservices-driven core, it ensures their Flexibility; by using voting tokens to govern them, it ensures their independence.

One DFO to deploy all DFOs

DFOhub—the first DFO—is an On-Chain dApp that facilitates the creation and governance of all other DFOs.

$buidl, the real governor of DFOhub

DFOhub, as well as all its assets, are governed by its token $buidl. Hodlers of $BUIDL use it to vote in a unique and independent way.

Nobody has special permissions.

DFOs are Resilient On-Chain Companies as a base layer for Applications on top of Ethereum 

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DFOhub is an open source R&D project made with ❤️ for the Ethereum Community 

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