The Real Governor of DFOhub

$buidl is the ERC20 voting token of DFOhub, the first Independent Decentralized Organization on top of the DFO Protocol. Through $BUIDL, token hodlers have ownership of the protocol and its assets. 

The Future of DFOhub Is In $buidl Hodlers' Hands

$buidl token holders can vote to:

  • Add new functions  

  • Edit existing functions

  • Edit the frontend 

  • Change the governance rules  

  • Update the DFO core 

  • Manage the DFOhub wallet funds 

  • Organize investment strategies in DEFI

  • And everything else that can be achieved with Smart Contracts...

Why Hodl $buidl?

$buidl is the first Independent Voting token. Nobody except the hodlers can make changes to and direct DFOhub development and assets.

$buidl is backed by a small portion of every DFO’s voting tokens that are created.


Every time a new DFO is deployed, a Generation Fee is paid by the new DFO voting tokens, and automatically sent to the DFOhub wallet.

$buidl hodlers can propose and vote on how to manage these funds, as well as alter the size of the Generation Fee from the 1.5% default.

The First Experiment of Programmable Equities

As per the DFO design, hodlers are effectively the board of directors of the governing token.

With $buidl, they direct DFO functions and assets by voting, without any possibility of external ownership or control.

$BUIDL is the first programmable equity of the first On-Chain company on top of the DFO protocol. Its value depends on real On-Chain assets in the DFOhub wallet.

Before considering holding $buidl or joining our R&D, we encourage you to carefully read the Manifesto and the Strategy about our long-term vision and funds management to create a balance between values and governance.

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DFOhub is an open source R&D project made with ❤️ for the Ethereum Community 

Researchers Team