The Real Governor of DFOhub

$buidl is the ERC20 voting token of DFOhub, the first Independent Decentralized Organization on top of the DFO Protocol. Through $BUIDL, token hodlers have ownership of the protocol and its assets. 

The Future of DFOhub Is In $buidl Hodlers' Hands

$buidl token holders can vote to:

  • Add new functions  

  • Edit existing functions

  • Edit the frontend 

  • Change the governance rules  

  • Update the DFO core 

  • Manage the DFOhub wallet funds 

  • Organize investment strategies in DEFI

  • And everything else that can be achieved with Smart Contracts...

$buidl is backed by a small portion of every DFO’s voting tokens that are created.


Every time a new DFO is deployed, a Generation Fee is paid by the new DFO voting tokens, and automatically sent to the DFOhub wallet.

$buidl hodlers can propose and vote on how to manage these funds, as well as alter the size of the Generation Fee from the 1.5% default.

Why Hodl $buidl?

$buidl is the first Independent Voting token. Nobody except the hodlers can make changes to and direct DFOhub development and assets.

The First Experiment of Programmable Equities

As per the DFO design, hodlers are effectively the board of directors of the governing token.

With $buidl, they direct DFO functions and assets by voting, without any possibility of external ownership or control.

$BUIDL is the first programmable equity of the first On-Chain company on top of the DFO protocol. Its value depends on real On-Chain assets in the DFOhub wallet.

Before considering holding $buidl or joining our R&D, we encourage you to carefully read the EthOS Explainer about our long-term vision and funds management to create a balance between values and governance.

Join the R&D Server

PS: We have some fancy emojis there!

DFOhub is an open source R&D project made with ❤️ by the EthOS team for the Ethereum Community 

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DFOhub is part of the ETHOS Ecosystem