This Is Where Decentralized Flexible Organization Begins

DFOhub is an On-Chain, decentralized Github to deploy and govern Decentralised Flexible Organisations.

It unlocks all functionalities required by communities to develop their own dApps, without needing to know and trust each other.

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Starting an On-Chain Company With Voting Tokens as Programmable Equities

DFOs are flexible, On-Chain companies with proprietary assets and voting tokens as real programmable equities.

DFOs have a microservices-driven design. Token hodlers add, edit and kill functionalities; manage community funds; and update rules of governance by smart contract-based proposals.

Nobody has special permissions.

What You See Is What You Get

By design, every DFO deployed by DFOhub features the security and trustlessness required to address concerns about dApp dependency and resilience. The fear, uncertainty and doubt has been resolved.




Every DFO has an .dfohub.eth subdomain that perpetually redirects to the front-end voted by the community.


Multi-Layer Frontend

Every DFO can set both a distributed front-end (IPFS/Swarn/Web2) and a Decentralized front-end, making the dApp usage unstoppable.


Flexible IDE and On-Chain Code for Nerds

DFOhub integrates a Solidity Compiler IDE to code proposals. Every proposal’s code is saved On-Chain and is visible by anyone, removing the need for centralized code repo providers.


Fast and Simple UX for Non-Coders

Even without coding skills, Ethereans can understand how to create an Organization, set basic rules and vote for advanced code-based proposals written by coders.


Governance Manager

The DFOhub UX can manage every DFO proposal and voting system, so you don’t need to create your own.

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Don't trust Verify!

The smart contracts, states, front-end, assets and update of every dApp on top of DFOhub are all always verifiable by On-Chain data, without any server in the middle.


Organisation Assets Management

Ethereans can manage DFO assets (ERC20, ERC721) by voting! They can transfer and invest them in DeFi dApps, and propose everything they wish to achieve via smart contracts.


From Zero to dApp

Ethereans can set rewards for proposals, automatically rewarding developers if proposals are successful. This means they can buidl dApps anonymously, without needing to know and trust each other.


Resilient dApps!

Now Coders Can Learn From Mistakes

DFO protocol is all about microservices. If a bug comes out, it can easily be fixed without needing to stop the entire protocol. At the end of the day, Ethereans can R&D on top of Ethereum faster than ever before.

No Hidden Fees!

The only fee to use DFOhub is the Generation Fee. By deploying a DFO, a 1.5% fee of the newly generated voting tokens is sent to the community wallet owned by $buidl hodlers.

$buidl is backed by the voting tokens of new DFOs, and hodlers can invest that fund to support new projects.

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A General Purpose Protocol

Anyone can use DFOhub Smart Contracts to buidl their own version of it, with infinite kinds of business models, without needing to reinvent the wheel.

We have already released an SDK—anyone can easily start coding it now!

This Is Just the Beginning

All of these features are already deployed on the

Ethereum mainnet.

There are a lot of other fancy things to do... We're just at the 0.1 release of our masterplan!