Microservices on Ethereum!😱 

A new Flexibility Layer for Ethereum dApps!

Microservices are a huge step forward in Web 2.0. Functions can easily be updated and fixed, without comprising an entire application. Through R&D, dApps can be coded with LEGO contracts—aka, upgradable microservices.

LEGO Contracts

Why is Flexibility a Fundamental R&D Topic?

The monolithic method of coding Smart Contracts is a huge entry barrier for dApp developers. When Ethereans develop dApps, they currently have to buy costly—and timely—auditing services. but, sometimes not even this is enough.

​With a DFO as a base layer, Ethereans can develop every function step by step, which real users can then test and fix, without compromising the entire dApp.






Flexible Organizations

The Decentralized Method of Managing Flexibility

DFOs are designed to orchestrate the flexibility of LEGO contracts. Every single smart contract is added and governed by voting.
This even applies to core changes and rules of governance.

Resilient On-Chain Companies

as a base layer for applications on top of Ethereum 🏳️

Programmable Equities

Voting Tokens are the real Owner

Decentralized Flexible Organizations have no owner. Voting tokens are the key! 

Voting tokens are like the real equity of the protocol and its assets.

A General Purpose Protocol

Anyone can use DFOhub Smart Contracts to buidl their own version of it, with infinite kinds of business models, without needing to reinvent the wheel.

We have already released an SDK—anyone can easily start coding it now!


How to Start Building On Top of a DFO?

Dfohub is an on-chain decentralized Github to deploy, manage, and govern DFOs.

It unlocks all functionalities needed to achieve dApps developed by their own community, without needing to know and trust each other.

Join the R&D Server

PS: We have some fancy emojis there!

DFOhub is an open source R&D project made with ❤️ by the EthOS team for the Ethereum Community 

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DFOhub is part of the ETHOS Ecosystem